PORON Medical® DIAB - Very Soft

The PORON Medical® Diab foams rebound slowly when compressed resulting in a custom fit or contour.

A number of grades have been developed and are specifically engineered to exhibit different controlled rates of return. This technology provides a complete range of contouring foams with varying rates of return and firmness to address individual patient requirements.

Softest Slow Rebound PORON® Grade is ideal for ultrasoft cushioning. It allows the foam to mold around the foot during weight bearing thus reducing pressure on prominent or sensitive areas. It Recovers completely after impact, ready for next customised fit.

PORON Medical® Diab foams have the same the outstanding memory and impact absorption properties of all PORON Medical® products. These foams will not bottom out even after repeated impact and so they have the unique dual role of providing both gentle contouring and continuous long-term impact absorption.

  • Thickness: 3mm and 6mm
  • Durometer (Shore A): 2 (approx)
  • Density: 240kg/m3
  • Colour: Sea Mist 5)Available in 1LinM and 6LinM rolls

PORON Medical® Diab foams are:

  • Open cell and breathable
  • PVC, Latex and Solvent free
  • Biocompatible and meet USP Class VI Toxicology ISO10993-1 for primary skin irritation and dermal sensitisation

PORON Medical® foams should be laminated with a top cover for necessary abrasion resistance and tear resistance.