PORON® Medical Diab

Long regarded by practitioners as the material of choice for long-term effective shock absorption, resiliency and cushioning. The PORON Medical® Diab foams rebound slowly when compressed resulting in a custom fit or contour.

A number of grades have been developed and are specifically engineered to exhibit different controlled rates of return. This technology provides a complete range of contouring foams with varying rates of return and firmness to address individual patient requirements.

PORON Medical® Diab foams have the same the outstanding memory and impact absorption properties of all PORON Medical® products. These foams will not bottom out even after repeated impact and so they have the unique dual role of providing both gentle contouring and continuous long-term impact absorption. PORON Medical® foams should be laminated with a top cover for necessary abrasion resistance and tear resistance. Complete swatch sets are available for your reference - just order here