PORON® Condux Plus™

The more compact the handheld device, the more complicated the design. With complicated designs come unexpected electrical grounding and shielding challenges that require immediate solutions. PORON® Condux Plus™ foam offers high, reliable electrical conductivity, excellent mechanical properties and great shielding capabilities to act as a trusted grounding pad within mobile devices.

Condux Plus Foam offers:

  • Excellent Conductivity across a wide range of compression levels - Condux Plus foam avoids and prevents undesirable electromagnetic fields by connecting two conductive materials that have different electric potentials within handheld devices.
  • Consistent Connectivity - Condux Plus materials retain their thickness under temperature and load to provide a consistent and reliable electrical connection.
  • High Material Integrity - It is critical that grounding pad materials hold their shape and integrity throughout their useful life. If a foam fails during the first stage of processing, how well will it perform in later stages and eventually in the final product? Condux Plus foam is durable, and does not collapse during die cutting.
  • Effective Shielding - Condux Plus materials have been shown to shield electrical devices from a wide range of EM frequencies. From 300 MHz to 10 GHz, Condux Plus foams provide a shielding effectiveness of 50 dB, thereby reducing the power of external EM fields by greater than 99%.

For reliable electrical grounding and shielding, Condux Plus is the optimal solution for high quality mobile devices.