Mega Etch 120™

The MEGA ETCH 120™ has been engineered to ensure the continuous stability and performance of a traditional etching machine. It features many modern innovations, including start-up timers, touch screen control panel for initial set up parameters of the unit, as well as other state-of-the-art functionalities to meet high expectations of today’s etcher.

  • The bath, outer casing and framework are all constructed of stainless steel and are simple to maintain
  • The machine offers an instant access and complete control over the cooling, heating and paddle speed via the stand alone, user-friendly control panel
  • All electrical components are certified to meet the worldwide electrical power specifications
  • With a 120 litre bath capacity and a maximum plate size of 500 x 650mm (19.7” x 25.6”), the MEGA ETCH 120™ provides the magnesium engraver flexibility and improved productivity
  • Spare mechanical parts and motors are available if required