Industrial Design

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Mason Grogan is Australia's leading supplier of knowledge and materials to the industrial design sector. We offer the most extensive library of technical materials in Australia for designers, product engineers and manufacturers in the medical device, portable electronics, PPE, appliance, rail, marine, aviation, automotive and defence sectors. Our products include specialised elastomers, plastics, technical textiles, adhesive tapes, films and membranes for diverse and critical applications where performance and reliability are paramount. Our specialist portfolio and in-depth knowledge of applications, specifications and fabrication options enables us to provide tailored solutions for designers, product developers and manufacturers.

Our material solutions are used for:

  • Sealing and gasketing
  • impact protection
  • cushions
  • cut & puncture protection
  • thermal management
  • fire barriers
  • noise & vibration dampening
  • shielding & grounding

We partner with customers to solve their design challenges and engage in projects from concept through design, prototyping to finished parts.