Ducting, Hoses & Connectors

With over 50 years of expertise in flexible hose design, Flexfab leads the way with a wide range of hoses suitable for standard and custom applications.

  • Large selection of flexible ducts that are optimised for cost and weight reduction
  • Lightweight, rigid composite ducting for HVAC
  • Flexible hose for air and drain applications
  • Assemblies of composite ducts with flexible connectors and hardware
  • Full range of insulations and quick-attach connectors to eliminate the need for clamps
  • Standard diameters of 12.7mm (0.5”) to 330mm (13”) in a wide range of pressure capabilities
  • Custom diameters up to 610mm (24”)
  • Acoustical treatments can be also added to hoses, for sound absorption and improved thermal properties
  • Compliant with NFPA 130, EN 45545 and R1 HL2