PORON Medical® Urethanes

PORON Medical® Urethanes are the original cushioning materials of choice for practitioners worldwide and still outperform all other foams. Mason Grogan offers the most extensive range of Poron Medical® grades in the market, including the Classic Soft Supporting, Diab Contouring & Firm.

A variety of formulations have been developed to meet different pathologies and patient needs. The PORON Medical® Urethanes range is ideal for shock absorption, resiliency and cushioning. It has been specifically formulated for use in medical devices, orthotics and prosthetics, providing outstanding impact absorption and can be relied upon to continue reducing the rate at which potentially damaging forces are returned to the body for the life of the orthotic device. PORON Medical® Urethanes can be used for a many cushioning applications including full appliance linings, forefoot pads, heel wedges, heel lifts, arch fills and metatarsal pads.

PORON Medical® materials have a unique microcellular open cell structure, which is the key to the high performance cushioning. PORON Medical® Urethanes have millions of tiny interconnecting cells, which act like springs, constantly absorbing energy and rapidly returning to their original state following impact.

  • Compression set resistant: it will NOT bottom out
  • Outstanding energy absorption
  • Breathability: its open cell structure allows perspiration vapour to pass freely through and keep feet dry and comfortable
  • Fungal Resistant
  • Easily fabricated: skiving, grinding, die cutting with smooth clean surface finish
  • Biocompatible: passes analysis for primary skin irritation & dermal sensitisation
  • Meets USP Class VI Toxicology, ISO 10993-1 & FDA 695-1 8)PVC, Latex & Solvent free

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