Plate Making Machine

Avflex supplies a water washable photopolymer plate making machine. The capabilities of this machine include exposure, washout and drying. This machine can handle a plate size of 25 x 35 cm.


A black acrylic plate with vacuum grooves and a vacuum sheet perfectly hold the negative to the plate. The drawer is provided with 6 lamps. The microprocessor system keeps an internal memory of the lamps life to help determine when it is time to replace them.

The tank is provided with nylon brushes assembled on springs to maintain an even pressure on plates of various thicknesses. A 600W heater to keep the water at a constant temperature is connected to a level indicator, which prevents the heater from starting when the water level is too low. The plate holder rotates alternatively in two directions to ensure an even washout of the plate. The plate holder is provided in the standard version, with a magnetic support to hold metal backed plates.

Two drawers are provided with a 1000W heater, forced air circulation and safety switch.