PORON® Cushioned Insole

Perforated PORON® cushioned insoles with thermoformed EVA base.
Poron Insoles have excellent long term comfort & shock absorption.

Foot Comfort - PORON® Insoles' exceptional Shock Absorption cushions the feet, reduces fatigue and protects joints against constant pounding.

Breathability - PORON® Insoles open cell structure allows perspiration vapour to pass freely through & keep feet dry and comfortable.

Stops growth of odour - PORON® Insoles stop growth of odour causing bacteria & fungus, including the fungus that causes athletes foot... unlike other products, it does not just mask odours.

Lightweight - At only 60 grams, PORON® Insoles still outperforms all other products.

Retains flexibility - PORON® Insoles remain flexible for the life of the shoe comfort.

PORON® Insoles reduce lower back and knee pain - This is caused by stress from long periods of standing, demanding work/outdoor applications or high impact activities.

PORON® the cushioning material of choice for Podiatrists worldwide.

PORON® Insole sizes - Small, Medium and Large