Baultar Series 4000 Seats

The Baultar Series 4000 Seats are the result of a three-year development project at Baultar which set out to manufacture the best value and highest quality seat system in the industry. The most important ergonomic principles of the industry have been applied to reduce work-related health and safety issues. This new seat system is suitable for freight and transit applications. It is available in two main configurations - gas cylinder height adjustment or pneumatic suspension. The Baultar Series 4000 Seats are fully APTA compliant.

  • Modular seats offer multiple adjustments and increased comfort for operators
  • The seat is very resistant to mechanical charges, fatigue and vibration
  • Easily accessible and intuitive handle adjustment functions
  • Entirely customisable rotation locking
  • Heavy duty, smooth fore-aft adjustment
  • Smooth and efficient backrest and armrest adjustment
  • Seat cushion tilt adjustment
  • Very durable and comfortable seat cushioning with choice of heavy duty fabric, vinyl or leather