Our high performance, specialist cushioning materials are now available in a compact format for your convenience and easier handling. We pre-slit some of our popular Poron® Medical into wheels. These are only 12cm wide by 15LinM.

Poron® Medical
  • Outstanding compression set resistance with unique microcellular open cell structure
  • Breathable
  • Fungal resistant
  • Easily fabricated: skiving, grinding, die cutting with smooth clean surface finish
  • Biocompatible: passes analysis for primary skin irritation and dermal sensitisation
  • Long-lasting cushioning
Why use wheels
Save space: wheels are ideal for those who require instant material availability, but have limited storage space in a clinic or lab
Save time: top cover and cushioning can be applied faster with improved handling and quicker finishing
Save money: significant cost savings are often seen through improved material usage and reduced wastage