STABLINK is a small enclosure (nominally 18” x 12” x 9”) which includes a Heat Exchanger, VTS Viscometer and, when required, a high-accuracy pH Sensor.

STABLINK’s patent pending design includes SCS’ hard-coil recorable coax heat exchanger designed to create turbulence for even temperature distribution and to facilitate thorough cleaning.

STABLINK cleans with your normal cleaning process and requires no special maintenance.

STABLINK manages viscosity and stabilises the rate of solvent evaporation by controlling ink temperature. Unlike temperature compensated viscosity, STABLINK actually controls the temperature of the ink as close to the point-of-application as practical. This ensures that your process is receiving consistent ink, allowing for repeatable colour match and print consistency.

STABLINK comes with an easy-to-install Temperature Control Unit sized to ensure that each of your inks remains consistent under even the most demanding conditions.