SilFX™ Silicone Foam

SilfX™ silicone foam is the lightest silicone cushion foam specifically designed for aircraft seating and cushioning applications. This non-petroleum based open-cell silicone foam enables thinner seat cushions while eliminating the need for fire-blocking and provides lasting passenger comfort.

Silfx silicone foam, used as a top comfort pad, prolongs the life of the cushion, allowing passengers to experience consistent comfort throughout the cushion's life cycle.

Seat designers are able to design thinner seat constructions which reduce cabin weight and increase passenger room without sacrificing comfort or cushion life.

Airlines benefit from a longer-lasting, comfortable cushion, reducing the costs of refurbishment and downtime while increasing passenger satisfaction.

Typical Applications:
  • Cushioning and vibration mitigation of seating and bedding in rail vehicles, aircraft, watercraft and healthcare equipment
  • Acoustic mitigation in industrial applications
  • Silicone foam in sheet and block form to be fabricated or upholstered