Red Top Magnesium Plates

Precision Magnesium Engraving Plates are lightweight, fast etching and environmentally friendly. They are used for a variety of applications, including foil stamping, embossing, thermal dies, flexography, plaques, awards, rubber stamp masters, fabric and leather embossing.

Precision Magnesium Engraving Plates are available pre-sensitized with traditional Red Top™ photoresist or Hydro-Solve® photoresist. Sheets are also available uncoated (“mechanical engraving plates”) for computer numerically controlled (CNC) engraving.

Specially designed, complementary chemical products work together to produce optimum results for shallow or deep etching. Magnesium is an excellent alternative for CNC engraving, and our mechanical engraving plate is ideal for high-speed machining that enables faster production and longer tool life.