PTFE Patch

PTFE Patches relieve friction and shear forces to support a better healing environment on the plantar foot. They are self-adhering for easy application to any area of an orthotic, shoe or insole to reduce the chance of skin failure due to friction. PTFE Patches can be applied to diabetic shoe insoles in common areas of callus or ulcer formation.

Water and sweat resistant, the product provides a very low coefficient of friction even when wet. PTFE Patches combined with an offloading orthotic can neutralise the primary causes of calluses and ulcers, namely horizontal (shear) and vertical (pressure) stresses.

PTFE Patches are precut and ready-to-use, and can be easily trimmed for custom needs. They are available in:

  • Small ovals for the hallux or a single metatarsal head
  • Large ovals for multiple metatarsal heads
  • 1st ray patches for the medial forefoot area, including the hallux and 1st and 2nd metatarsal heads