PR Dynamic 10

PR Dynamic 10 is a protective material for the forefoot. Often used in dress shoes.

  • Durometer (Shore): 10
  • Thicknesses: 2mm and 3mm
  • Sheet size: 480mm x 620mm
  • Colour: light blue

PR Dynamic range
Often used in sports orthotics, the PR Dynamic range of cushioning materials absorbs and returns part of the energy. The shorter the recovery time, the more dynamic the material. PR Dynamic are cellular rubber elastomers and are used for forefoot cushioning where high tear strength, abrasion resistance and good energy return are desired. These products protect the forefoot and optimise the propulsive phase.

The PR Dynamic range is available in a number of Durometers. It is available in shores A 10, 20, 25, 30 to address varying weights of athletes.

Swatch set is available for your reference - just order here