PORON® SRS - Slow Rebound Soft

PORON® Slow Rebound is a non-medical PORON®, which offers excellent memory and outstanding impact for orthopaedic footwear and appliances.

PORON® Slow Rebound returns slowly when compressed, resulting in a custom fit or contour. Contouring reduces pressure on prominent or sensitive areas.
  • Continues to return to original shape when not in use
  • Contains Microban® antimicrobial protection
  • Available buffed on one side to facilitate bonding
  • Available with Grill for extra strength
  • Available with high performing top covers – Kashmeer®, Cushmax® and Proliner® – for excellent wicking of moisture to keep feet cool and dry
  • Can be combined with Plastazote®
  • Requires a fabric or EVA top cover
  • PVC and latex free

  • 3mm smooth (buffed on one side)
  • 3mm smooth (not buffed)
  • 3mm + Cushmax®
  • 3mm + Kashmeer®
  • 3mm + Proliner®
  • 3mm + Grill

  • 6mm smooth (buffed on one side)
  • 6mm smooth (not buffed)
  • 6.0mm + Cushmax®
  • 6.0mm + Kashmeer®
  • 6.0mm + Proliner®

Colour: Salmon
Complete swatch sets are available for your reference -
just order here.
PORON® Slow Rebound Soft with Grill is also available in a wheel format.
Why use wheels?
Save space: wheels are ideal for those who require instant material availability, but have limited storage space in a clinic or lab
Save time: top cover can be applied faster with improved handling and quicker finishing
Save money: significant cost savings are often seen through improved material usage and reduced wastage

PORON® SRS - Slow Rebound Soft
PORON® SRS - Slow Rebound Soft
Poron Slow Rebound Cushioning Wheel
Poron Slow Rebound Cushioning Wheel