PORON Medical® Cushioning

PORON Medical® offers high performance cushioning and has been specifically formulated for use in Medical devices, orthotics and prosthetics. Featuring outstanding energy absorption, it is compression set resistant – and will not bottom out even after repeated impact.

  • Breathable – unique microcellular open cell structure
  • Fungal resistant
  • Easily fabricated: skiving, grinding, die cutting with smooth clean surface finish
  • Biocompatible – passes analysis for primary skin irritation and dermal sensitization
  • Available with or without Grill, which is our thin backing mesh material added for enhanced durability and to enable easy replacement of top covers
  • Available as 1.5mm & 3mm cushioning

The difference at cellular level

  • The unique microcellular open cell structure, uniform cell size, and engineered cell wall properties give PORON® high performance foams remarkable impact absorption properties and life of the device/shoe high performance cushioning
  • This structural uniformity also imparts isotropic mechanical properties assuring constant and reliable performance whether used as a flat bedding or as a skived element
  • Unlike closed cell foams, the cells of PORON® foams will not break down and lose thickness following impact
  • The open cell structure also provides breathability and water vapour transmission
  • Sanding results in a smooth, even finish with continuity of performance

Why use wheels?
Save space: wheels are ideal for those who require instant material availability, but have limited storage space in a clinic or lab
Save time: cushioning can be applied faster with improved handling and quicker finishing
Save money: significant cost savings are often seen through improved material usage and reduced wastage

Swatch set is available for your reference – click here to order it.