PORON® VFT Series Tapes

Device touchscreens and glass back covers can be problematic in terms of cracking due to impact or floating due to foam tape creep. Traditional foam tapes often cannot be removed cleanly to allow for repair to the screen and glass back cover. VFT polyurethane core foam tape is the solution when adhesion, impact protection, and dimensional stability are critical.

Multilayer construction VFT polyurethane core foam tape offers:

1. Reliable impact protection
2. High bonding strength
           o High slow speed push out forces and 180°peel strength
           o Excellent shear resistance
           o Dependable performance in elevated temperature and humidity conditions
3. Consistent thickness with excellent creep resistance
           o Resists creep and C-set to ensure a secure window hold
           o Casting foam onto PET eliminates delamination risk between foam and adhesive
4. Excellent process-ability and yields
           o Re-workable for clean and easy repair of the device touchscreen