Microsil (Microfibre)

Microsil is a leatherette microfibre top cover. It absorbs moisture up to 10-11 times of its own weight and equates totally dry feel. It presents the comfort features and look & feel of leather and is available in black.

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Exceptional strength undefined
  • Excellent water absorption
  • Oil repellent
  • Great breathability
  • Outstanding wicking
  • Excellent drape
  • Soft to the touch; low friction
  • Antibacterial & anti-odour
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to process: excellent bonding & shape forming
  • Washable

Microsil is also available in a wheel format for your convenience and easier handling.

Swatch set is available for your reference – click here to order it.

Why use wheels?

Save space: wheels are ideal for those who require instant material availability, but have limited storage space in a clinic or lab
Save time: top cover can be applied faster with improved handling and quicker finishing
Save money: significant cost savings are often seen through improved material usage and reduced wastage