Luxor Reflective Material

Luxor reflective materials are produced on polyamide backing (900A-900B) or on cotton/polyester backing, coated on one side with a resin, in which are partially embedded glass microspheres with a very high refraction index.
Luxor reflective materials always reflect a white light, even the coloured or fluorescent versions.

Luxor range comprises 3 product lines:

Luxor 900A-900B
Reflective material on polyamide backing and is available in a wide range of colours.
Very flexible.

Luxor Road
This product is composed of Luxor 900A combined to a PVC and knitted fabric.
Thickness is approx. 1.2mm
It is suitable to undergo silk screening and high frequency processes.
It is produced in silver grey and charcoal.

Luxor 9301
This product line has been designed to meet the requirements of the European regulation EN471 for use on garments of road personnel.

Luxor 9301 is produced on polyamide/cotton backing and only in silver grey as this is the colour recognised by EN471 regulations.
Even when wet it maintains the reflectiveness at its best and is very resistant to abrasions.
Luxor 9301 is suitable for silk screening.
Withstands 50 washing cycles in water at 60c.Widths starting at 20mm.
Roll length approximately 45m.