Leatherboard Moulded Counters

Three grades of leatherboard are produced for this application:

CFR - 'Rigido' Stiff product
CFM - 'Morbido' Soft
CFD - General quality

Sheet size: 1.0m x 1.4m
Thickness: 1.2mm - 4.0mm

Stiff/Compact product
Chiefly for men's shoes medium/high quality.

Mainly for women's counters
Results in very compact back part (while maintaining the shoe shape) with softer sides.
Allows the use of high quality and fine leather.
Good moulding stability.

Moulding temperature
Because high quality raw material is used without use of 'fillers' these products are sensitive to temperature and pressures.

The following temperature regimes are suggested:
Men's CFM 110-120c
Women's CFM 90-100c

Produced for less demanding quality expectations. Suitable for all footwear types including children's.

Result is a semi stiff product.
Suggested temperature range: 135-140c
Easier to work with and faster.
Greater pressure can be applied than for CFR and CFM.

Also available with Counter Lining Agotex pre-laminated to it.