Laser Imaging System

With the world’s unique flat-bed imagesetter MultiDX!, Lüscher has developed an innovative laser imaging system, which meets the increasing needs for universal and flexible exposing systems. Due to its flatbed layout, almost any flexible and inflexible printing form can be exposed in highest quality and efficiency. MultiDX! can be equipped with laser diodes in various wavelengths and numbers according to the customers’ needs.

For the production of pad-printing clichés and/or hot stamp plates, MultiDX! is equipped with 405 nm UV laser diodes. Any traditional UV sensitive etch resist on copper or magnesium plates can be imaged.

As opposed to traditional exposure on film, the direct exposure on copper or magnesium plates by means of laser diodes guarantees unmatched sharpness of the image. MultiDX! 220 UV is able to produce 30 micron lines and to defeat undercut issues.

Prior to the exposure, a distance sensor measures the thickness of the copper or magnesium plate and the optic system is then automatically calibrated according to the measured value. The laser performance is analysed and adjusted if necessary before every exposure. This guarantees an absolutely equal quality during the entire exposure process. The standard version of MultiDX! includes a dynamic focus system. It is used to compensate any irregularities in the thickness of the copper or magnesium plate up to 0.5 mm at full exposure speed.