The insock is regarded as a key comfort feature of footwear for all types of uses. The insock is in direct contact with the foot and its purpose is to improve comfort through shock absorption, cushioning, cosseting, warmth, friction and perspiration absorption.

Mason Grogan supplies a wide variety of forms of insock to meet the above comfort factors as required by the footwear application and cost restraints. These insocks include flat sheet materials, moulded footbeds of single or multi density laminations, and specialised insocks for orthopaedic footwear.

Through a thorough understanding of the physical properties and performance of a wide variety of cushioning materials and linings as well as the capability to supply unique foams, linings and components, Mason Grogan provides a customised solution to meet budgets and performance requirements.

These insocks are available in an extensive range of materials and material combinations using a variety of production methods which include moulded, die cut or cavity skived forms.

Through recognising the specific properties and functions of cushioning materials available we can respond quickly to your ideas and recommend various materials and manufacturing process for any project you have in mind.

Materials used in insocks include:
- Closed cell blends
- Cork
- Latex foam
- Polyethylene foam
- Polyurethane foam
- Sponge rubber
- Vinyl sponge
- A wide variety of fabric colours.

Cavity Skived Shapes
Through a unique process called cavity skiving, Mason Grogan can provide tailor-made shapes from a variety of foams for cushioning applications.
These shapes are limited only by your imagination.
Often constructional constraints force manufacturers to compromise on the thickness of the cushioning foam used. Through the use of contoured cushioning shapes, a wide variety of cushioning materials can be incorporated into shoes in gauges thicker than those normally used.