Fire Block Materials (FPC)

Fire Protective Covering (FPC) is a patented specialty silicone designed to resist the burnthrough of flames as high as 1900°F (1038°C). FPC materials solve safety and design issues within various industrial and transportation markets and are used to protect sensitive or costly components that may be damaged during fires. It is typically wrapped around cables or electronics, but may also be used as a barrier curtain or blanket. FPC materials are available in various thicknesses and manufactured in roll form for easy conversion.

  • FPC materials emit extremely low levels of smoke or toxic gas when subjected to fire. They are ideal where smoke and toxic gas may cause harm to passengers
  • Silicone elastomer is directly cast onto a reinforcing fiberglass layer, thereby offering flexible, yet durable product that has good tear resistance
  • Good resistance to arcing allows FPC to prevent the start of electrical fires within engine and electronic equipment areas