Mason Grogan Industrial provides customised extrusions to suit many applications from window to door seals within the rail vehicle. These extrusions conform to highest global flame, smoke and toxicity standards (BS6853 Cat 1a and CEN/TS 45545-2 HL3). Mason Grogan Industrial also offers RAILSIL, a JET BLACK silicone extrusions conforming to BS6853 Cat 1a. Silicone extrusions offer many advantages over EPDM solutions:
  • Silicones provide longer service life compared to EPDMs
  • Improved long-term resistance to environmental extremes
  • Silicones will remain unchanged at wider temperature bands
  • Silicones are unaffected by ultraviolet light or ozone
  • Lower flammability and do not produce toxic combustion by-products

Performance & reliability based on the latest design tools Design of extrusions can be a complex process; with advancements in computer simulation finite element analysis (FEA) has been increasingly adopted and integrated into the design process. FEA for rubber products is far more complex than for metal and plastic products. It requires sophisticated nonlinear FEA software as well as a good understanding of the material behavior, material modeling, and testing requirements.