Druma-floor NC/SR

The B-15 class Druma-floor NC/SR (non combustible/sound reduction) floor has been designed for large yachts which have to comply with the Passenger Yacht Code (at present this applies to yachts of 100+ meter length). Our floor has already been used in 3 megayachts and is specified for more. Also, it has been used in several survey vessels and supply vessels. Installation is simple as panels slot together.

This floor can be installed using the maritime BISCO dampening foam, which is placed on the beams of the ship to make it a floating floor. BISCO foam helps reduce vibration and sound. Three versions of IMO-certified BISCO foams have been developed (soft, medium and firm, to be used depending on the load of the floor).

Panel thickness: 17mm
Dimensions: 2400mm long x 600mm wide
Weight: 17.8kg/m2

Druma-floor NC/SR has wheelmark certification.