Druma-floor NC

The Druma-floor NC (non combustible) is a C-class floor, which does not have the sound reduction capabilities of the Druma-floor NC/SR. The floor is more competitive and is used for a wide range of vessels such as guard vessels and motor yachts of 50/60 meters.
Installation is simple as panels slot together.

This floor can be installed using the maritime BISCO dampening foam, which is placed on the beams of the ship to make it a floating floor. BISCO foam helps reduce vibration and sound. Three versions of IMO-certified BISCO foams have been developed (soft, medium and firm, to be used depending on the load of the floor).

Panel thickness: 17mm
Dimensions: 2400mm long x 600mm wide
Weight: 15kg/m2

Druma-floor Light has wheelmark certification.
Druma-floor NC has wheelmark certification.
Druma-floor Light has wheelmark certification.