Digisole® Milling Pairs

Digisole® is a line of premium EVA materials for milling, specifically developed for the orthopaedic industry. The Digisole® Milling Pairs reduce material wastage and milling time. The Digisole® Milling Pairs come in different shapes and are available with one or two hardness options:

  • uni → one hardness
  • 2-combi → two hardnesses (forefoot and rearfoot)
  • 2-layers type 1 → two hardnesses (top layer and lower layer)
  • 2-layers type 2 → two hardnesses (top layer and lower layer)

The Digisole® Milling Pairs are available with or without base material. Realux® is offered as a base material due to its durability and high quality. It can be cut and bonded easily, does not break, needs little maintenance and is long wearing. With its thermoplastic qualities, it easily adapts inside the shoe resulting in an optimal fit being achieved.

Each of the series above is available in single hardness or combinations of hardnesses from the range: 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 Shore A.

Models (shapes) available:

  • Model A (Foot Shape – Flat)
  • Model A-K (Foot Shape - Slanted)
  • Model D (Rectangle shape- Flat)
  • Model D-K (Rectangle shape – Slanted)