Camis - Irisleeve Mounter

The Camis - Irisleeve Mounter is a plate mounter specifically for mounting on sleeves.

Equipped with a fixed mandrel, it is suitable for all sleeves with different size carriers, easily interchangeable thanks to the cantilever system.

The machine is equipped with two high-magnification cameras, mounting table and lay dawn roller that make operator assembly simpler and more ergonomic;

While the mechanical dividing head (optional electronic version available) made possible to mounting of staggered plates.

Dedicated microdot mounting machine for sleeves only

High magnification cameras with manual displacement and individual position indicators

Plate mounting tables:
ideal for large and multiples plates

Plate lay down roller

Sleeve change system with fixed mandrel and interchangeable carrier adaptors

Optional Features:

  • Motorised cameras
  • Motorised mandrel with electronic divider
  • PC-CNC Interface
  • Backing tape unwind system with pressure roller TAPER-SLIDE
  • Edge cutter

Camis - Irisleeve Mounter available for widths from 600 mm to 1400 mm and repeats from 280 to 1200 mm.