Camis - Iriflex Mounter

The Iriflex is a dedicated microdot mounting machine.

Simplicity, accuracy and repeatability is the key to the Iriflex.

Standard manual cameras or the optional motorised ones ensure "dot on dot" accuracy while the various options such as the plate laying table and plate lay down roller allow the flexo printer to achieve a higher degree of standardisation from cylinder to cylinder.

The Iriflex is available with the optional taper slide and proofing test that can cope with both geared and gear-less flexographic presses.

Plate Mounter Iriflex
Dedicated microdot mounting machine for cylinders and sleeves
Single and multiple plates mounted "dot on dot", via high magnification cameras.

Plate mounting tables:
ideal for large and multiples plates

Plate lay down roller

Sleeve change system

Optional Features:
  • Proofing test for gear-less flexomachine
  • Motorised cameras
  • Backing tape unwind system with pressure roller TAPER-SLIDE
  • Edge cutter

Available from 1000 to 1900 mm widths and from 300 to 1200 mm repeats