BISCO® HT-200 Sound Block

BISCO® HT-200 Sound Block materials are specifically designed to reduce the transmission of sound within interior spaces while inhibiting the spread of fire and smoke. These elastomeric materials use a filler technology to solve acoustic, fire, and smoke issues for a variety of markets. They are supplied in roll form, and to aid in your installation are available with or without adhesives and supported backings.

  • Flame retardant properties ensure compliance to international safety standards for Mass Transit and Aerospace
  • Filler technology reduces the spread of flame and toxic smoke during accidents, which are a leading cause of injuries.
  • Sound transmission can be “tuned” by adjusting the areal density or weight of the materials. See tables for reference
  • Rubber elastomer has good tear strength with excellent resistance to compression set, UV light, moisture, and cleaning alcohols
  • Maintains properties at temperatures between -55°C and 250°C (-67°F and 482°F)