About Mason Grogan

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Mason Grogan was established over 20 years ago to supply innovative products and technical materials for a wide range of manufacturing market segments which include specialty & technical footwear, orthotics and prosthetics, automotive, defence and transportation – marine, rail and aviation.

These products include a wide range of specialty urethane & silicone foams, composite materials, specialty performance textiles, woven and non-woven industrial materials, ergonomic rail driver and crew seats, flooring systems and a unique engineered leather. Our materials are used in demanding applications to provide effective & sustainable solutions for:

  • Manufacturing footwear and orthotics
  • Sealing and gasketing
  • Shock absorption and vibration management
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic attenuation
  • Flooring in buses and rail
  • Seating in aircraft, rail and buses
  • Specialist commercial & private high performance upholstery
  • Product longevity and reduced maintenance costs

Our goal is to provide materials which help solve many of the design and specification challenges our customers face in their business environments. By partnering manufacturers of advanced engineered materials and products in USA, Canada, Europe and Asia and developing a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements and design challenges, we are able to bring to Australian market the benefits and true value of the best products available and, if necessary, to develop custom products to suit specific customer requirements or applications.

With an increasing focus on the needs of transportation industry we work in close cooperation with our industry customers and continuously expand and revisit product offerings to satisfy ever increasing demand for innovation and performance.