Thermoforming Machine PA2000 for Sale

Automatic system for the production of insoles and any type of technical item made in polyethylene, EVA or similar thermoformable materials.

Manufactured by BGM s.p.a. in Italy Model: PA 2000

Production Capacity:

  • The production capacity of the machine equipped with one pair of moulds is 3800 pairs in 8 hours
  • Equipped with two pairs of moulds, the production is 7600 pairs in 8 hours

Operational Features:

  • Auto feed into oven of materials top and bottom in series
  • Pre-heating of foam material in oven by forced air circulation from 3 fans each top and bottom
  • Auto laminating of materials from top and bottom oven chambers, in-line via a roller system prior to moulding
  • Hydraulic pre-forming of laminated materials of a maximum pressure of 250KG/CM2
  • Forced chilled water circulation of moulds to a temperature of 25⁰C (if required). Normal range -4⁰C to +1⁰C
  • Upon moulding auto indexing forward of materials from oven
  • Pre-cutting of moulded pieces from continuous roll

Equipped With:

  • Automatic material loading system
  • Automatic material feed system
  • Pre-heating oven
  • Automatic materials movement tray oven
  • Automatic in-line lamination of materials
  • Press equipped with automatic translation tables
  • Refrigeration chiller system for cooling moulds
  • Automaterial indexer and cutter
  • Leading crate assembly station
  • Control panel with ‘Allen Bradley’ PVC control center
  • Information retrieval system of production data


  • All enquiries regarding this thermoforming machine, please contact our customer service team directly during business hours on 1300 859 960
  • Or email your enquiry to our customer service team.