Voxelcare VCM100 Milling Machine

The VCM100 is a high-end insole milling machine model where performance in power as well as accuracy is required. Ideal for milling EVA orthotics in a production environment.

Mill in high speed your orthotic products in batches from the 4 pair-slots milling table. Orthotics can be milled on 2-sides that will save a lot of manual finishing time and will give a consistent quality product.

The VCM100 is suited to mill different types of insole products. Each product has its own material and needs to be milled in a different way. The VCM100 has tailored milling strategies for the different type of orthotic products. This assures the best possible milling quality, accuracy and finishing.

Mason Grogan Medical are the distributors of Voxelcare orthotic milling machines in Australia and New Zealand.