Train Floating Floor

BISCO® L3-A silicone foams are developed specifically to meet the unique performance requirements of railcar flooring systems. They isolate passenger floor and sub-floor layers from track vibrations that are channelled through the car's base floor structure to provide a comfortable and quiet interior.

By consistently demonstrating low stiffness and excellent elasticity, BISCO® L3-A ensures maximum vibration isolation is provided under all travel conditions. BISCO® L3-A silicone foams allow railcar designers to satisfy the highest levels of safety protection as mandated by British BS 6853 (Cat 1a), French NF F 16-101 (M1 F1), and U.S. NFPA 130 safety standards.

Train floating floor advantages:
- Reduced Vibration, Quieter Cabins
- Superior Durability, Less Maintenance
- Enhanced Flame Resistance, Improved Safety
- Lower Weights, Lower Costs
- Improved Vibration Isolation