PORON® Foam Tape

PORON® Foam Tape window adhesive is more than the sum of its parts. The high performance microcellular urethane construction combines with a specially engineered adhesive to produce a versatile window adhesive with superior bond strength, impact protection and reliability.

The Bond that Matters Most
The most crucial function of a window adhesive is to create a strong, reliable bond between a device’s cover lens and frame. Rogers’ bond strength test best simulates failure in this application and, when catastrophic test conditions are replicated using an Instron® test machine, PORON Foam Tape outperforms competitive material by greater than 50%!

Ready for Impact
Protecting cover windows from drops is vital in minimizing warranty claims and rework costs, and PORON Foam Tape Window Adhesive offers over 20% greater impact protection than the competition*.

* Values vary based on thickness, with PORON Foam Tape providing greater protection in each thickness category

For Reliability, for Peace of Mind
All PORON Urethane foams are known for reliability and Foam Tape is no exception, doing exceedingly well in maintaining original thickness when under compression, ensuring integrity of design. PORON Foam Tape also blocks out dust and water, passing a simulated IP67 test, while performing very well in environmental exposure testing. This reliability leads to a decrease, or complete elimination, of a common failure known as “window float” or “creep.”

Easy to Process
PORON Foam Tape is dimensionally stable, allowing for easy handling during device rework. In fact, PORON Foam Tape is formulated for easy repositionability. This can lead to potentially higher yields as mistakes in processing can be quickly corrected.