Plate Processing Unit 201 C HTD

The Concept 201C HTD plate system (26x32 in - 66x82cm) is a similar system to the 201C unit, but this model is equipped with 2 HTD technology dryers.

The unique HTD technology allows plates to dry in very short time compared to the conventional dryers.

This plate processing unit is a compact all-in-one unit with a unique automatic washout, exposure, 4 HTD dryers and light finisher/post exposure in a space saving design all controlled by an easy to use touch screen display.

Exposure high and uniform UV output allows the finest job with analog or digital plates.

Automatic plate washout and cleaning
Rotary brushes with combined rotating and oscillating movements
Permanent self-adhesive plate fixing, no punching
Integrated heater - chiller for solvent temperature control
Automatic solvent replenishment
Solvent fume exhaust system

18 UVA lamps 60W 10/R in drawer type exposure
Automatic defective lamp detection
Cooling fan, automatic lamp temperature regulation
20 memory channels, working hours counter
Easy replacement of lamps on pull-out drawer

Light Finisher / Post Exposure:
11 UVC lamps 75W
12 UVA Lamps 60W
Automatic defective lamp detection
20 memory channels
Exhaust systems

2 HTD dryer drawers
Exhaust system
Timer for each drawer.