New Tax Benefits for Capital Equipment Purchases!

In the 2015 Federal Budget, the Federal Government announced a new $20,000 small business tax write-off.

This equates to a 100% Tax Deduction allowance for small businesses with a turnover of less than $2 million to spend up to $20,000 (per item) on purchases for your business.

It may be just the time to reconsider that piece of equipment that you need and take advantage of a 100% Tax Deduction on the purchase for your business!

Avflex Australia have a number of items, some ready for immediate delivery, that may be just what you need and with this new change to tax benefits it may be just the time to make that purchase.
(As always, consult with your individual accountant or Tax Agent)

Please view a small selection of our machinery below with links to their relevant pages!
  • Camis Precision Plate Mounter - The new Irismall 600 enables any narrow web printer to mount plates quickly and accurately. Fitted with a high magnification camera system and ergonomical mounting table allows plates to be positioned in register every time.
  • Caresonic Ultrasonic Anilox Cleaner - The perfect way to keep your valuable anilox rollers in optimum condition. CareSonic Units gently and safely clean deep cell contamination and residue to provide the full amount for ink every time you print.
  • WaterPress Photopolymer Plate Making Equipment - The WaterPress range of stacking systems combines all the plate making process steps into one machine and is specifically designed for all types of water washable letterpress plates.
  • WF A1 Photopolymer Plate Processor - Ideally suited to the plate making operation where space is limited and cost effectiveness and long term durability of equipment is demanded, the Polymer Range is a perfect fit for customers using standard guages of water wash flexo plate material.