Mason Grogan Medical supporting Shimano for the Tour Down Under

Mason Grogan Medical has supplied its Capron moulding machine and heater to Shimano so that they can make custom insoles for the riders during the Tour Down Under.

The riders will use a Capron cycling module in their bike shoes to improve their performance and comfort for the event.

Jeff McCreanor the Sales Executive for Mason Grogan Medical will be there to assist all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Jeff will be available in Adelaide at the following address:
Adina Adelaide Treasury Hotel
2 Flinders St
Adelaide SA 5000

Jeff can be reached by email or on his mobile.
M: 0438 626 127

From Shimano:

Monday 20th / Tuesday 21st / Wednesday 22nd January 2014

Shimano Australia Cycling is excited to announce the introduction of Shimano Dynamics Lab and products.
With product developers Lloyd Thomas and Ruud Meestrom from, in Australia we will have all components of our new Bike Fitting system for the first time, including static measuring equipment, Pedalling Analyser including real time Power output and Motion Analyser technology to allow both Wizard and Dynamic fitting options.
Find out how Shimano Dynamics lab and can offer your store SIMPLE, INTUITIVE, POWERFUL AND REAL bike fitting solutions at all levels.

Tour Down Under website.

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