E/bak™ SF Cushion

E/bak™ SF Cushion (supported firm in a green color) material is designed on 010 mil PET film carrier and is cast to thickness, not buffed. It is available in three standard thicknesses (.040", .060" and .080") and only in a 60 inch width. Use E/bak materials for general purpose corrugated applications of line and solid work with some simple combination screens.

Low cost system for standard quality - E/bak™ material performance is based on a uniform open cell polyurethane foam used to build thickness on the cylinder, provide cushioning, and absorb vibration in the corrugated printing process. Use of E/bak cushioning materials results in production cost savings with a reduction in waste, less press downtime and consistent quality printing over long runs. E/bak material is ideal for many corrugated post-print applications.