St Coated Doctor Blades

Doctor Blades ST COATED®

A thin layer of many different metallic and non metallic powders is syntherized on the doctor blade edge to improve the properties of CBG ACCIAI Mirror Edge® tip. The result is a doctor blade with an extraordinary wiping quality never achieved before.

The blade and cylinder life are dramatically increased thanks to the very low friction of the ST COATED contact surface. Another advantage of ST COATED coating is the protection against corrosion and oxidation. ST COATED is the solution for long runs and for all difficult printing jobs when doctor blade is heavily solicited.

Doctor Blades ST COATED® options:
- Standard ST COATED - High quality and medium-long runs
- Iridium ST COATED - High quality and long runs
- Super ST COATED - High quality and extremely long runs

All blade types can be supplied under ST COATED specifications.