Defence E-Leather®

E-Leather® is engineered leather which comes on rolls 30 metres long by 1.4 metres wide. E-Leather has developed different grades of lightweight leather suitable for the defence industry.

E-Leather can be used on:
Patrol boats
Military aircraft
Military vehicles.

Advantages of using E-Leather:
• E-Leather cutting wastage is around 5% compared to natural leather which is 18 – 40%.
• E-Leather weighs 500gsm compared to natural leather which is 850-900gsm.
• Consistency of the colour and grain from roll to roll
• E-Leather has a greater life span than fabric
• E-Leather is easier to clean and maintain than fabric
• No sagging due to core
• Can be stack cut
• No natural defects – easier to nest and cut
• Confidence in order volume
• Novel coatings – grain patterns, colours and effects
• E-Leather also has the ability to laminate foams to the back of the leather for additional comfort or aesthetic requirements.

The production process uses recycled wet blue leather which is fiberised and then hydro-entangled through a mesh core without using adhesives.

95% of the process water is recycled and waste streams are converted into energy which is fed back into the process.