BISCO® Silicones

This full line of Cellular, Solid and Specialty materials features superior resistance to temperature extremes, UV and ozone. Fire-resistant and available in various thicknesses, the BISCO® Silicone Foams present outstanding compression set and are extremely resilient to mechanical fatigue. Developed for critical applications in transportation equipment, the BISCO® Silicone Foams are produced in roll stock for easy material conversion.

A few specific high performing vibration and acoustic applications are:

Vibration Isolation Pads for Rail Car Dynamic and Floating Floors - rail cars are required to have flooring systems that are damped to dissipate a certain amount of undercarriage (or bogie plus rail track vibrational energy). Visco-elastic materials are customised to stiffness and modulus values and then cut into pad sizes that are under mounted to a flooring structure. In addition to damping, the pads also isolate vibration, or prevent vibration from being transferred into the rail car.

Motor Mount Pads - similar to a flooring isolation pad, motor mounts, usually designed to match the dimensions of the motor foot, can be fabricated from all types of visco-elastic materials. The specification of the material will be dependent upon the environment and level of vibration of which the motor will be subjected. The function of the mount is to protect the motor from mechanical failures due to fatigue that would be transferred to the rotor, windings, or mechanical fasteners as a result of vibrational energy sources. Sources could include factory floor movement due to machinery, periodic and consistent energy from infrastructure, or the rotational forces of a spinning washing machine.