Aviation Seat Foam

SilfX™ silicone foam is a lightweight silicone seat foam designed for use in aircraft seating.

Comfort Over Time: This seat foam exhibits improved comfort over traditional polyurethane cushions. It does not take a significant compression set (unlike many polyurethane foams) - therefore passengers will endure a more comfortable journey over a longer period of time.

Durability: Since the foam has better compression set resistance, airlines will be able to lower their refurbishment costs. The foam will last longer.

Flammability: The foam is inherently flame retardant and will therefore pass critical aviation flammability specifications more reliably than traditional urethane foams.

Lower Fabrication Costs: Cushion fabricators may not have to use a costly Kevlar fabric layer to meet flammability requirements, since the foam is inherently flame retardant. Also, the foam does not contain nasty graphite fillers, which can often 'flake' while in-use.