Aviation ELeather

Aviation ELeather is engineered leather which comes on rolls 30 metres long by 1.4 metres wide. ELeather has developed a lightweight product specifically for the aviation industry which meets FAR 25.853(a)/Appendix F Part 1.

ELeather cuts aircraft operating costs as the aircraft are carrying less weight.
ELeather weighs 500gsm compared to natural leather which is 850-900gsm.
With 3 square metres of upholstery per economy seat you'll save 1.2 kg in weight compared to traditional leather.
For a 150 seat aircraft this is a weight saving of 180 kg. If operational hours per annum are 3600, each aircraft could save USD$33,696 in fuel and other expenses.

  • ELeather cutting wastage is around 5% compared to natural leather which is 18 - 40%.
  • Consistency of the colour and grain from roll to roll
  • ELeather has a greater life span than fabric
  • ELeather is easier to clean and maintain than fabric.
  • No sagging due to core
  • Can be stack cut
  • Can be laminated to foam
  • No natural defects - easier to nest and cut
  • Confidence in order volume
  • Novel coatings - grain patterns, colours and effects.

The production process uses recycled wet blue leather which is fiberised and then hydro-entangled through a mesh core without using adhesives.

95% of the process water is recycled and waste streams are converted into energy which is fed back into the process.

ELeather has currently developed 48 colours and a wide selection of grains.
For large orders colour and grain can be customised.