About Us

Comprising Avflex, Mason Grogan and Grogan New Zealand, the Grogan Group of companies are leading knowledge providers on innovative product & material solutions for manufacturers in a wide range of industries. Our expertise has been developed through more than 33 years of providing Materials Intelligence® to our clients.

The Grogan Group of companies provides advice and leading technology materials and products to manufacturers in the Printing, Footwear, Healthcare, Transport, Electronics and Defence markets. Consulting at many levels with product engineers, range developers, designers, production personnel and procurement in their product design and delivery challenges, we help them bring distinctive, high performance, cost effective and sustainable products to market.

Grogan Group
- Background/History

More than three decades of providing cutting edge product solutions…

Established in 1984 as a major supplier of high performance consumables and machinery to the Packaging Printing and Graphic Arts industries, founder Arthur Grogan began a programme of diversification of activities and the expansion of similar highly innovative product ranges for other manufacturing industries.

Today the Grogan Group of companies supply innovative high performance materials and products to a diverse range of markets including Printing, Footwear, Healthcare, Transportation and Defence.

Our detailed understanding of customers’ specific needs and challenges combined with strong technical expertise and industry standards has enabled us to provide production and design solutions, efficiencies and savings benefits for our manufacturing customers.

Our Vision

To be regarded as the trusted supplier and advisor of choice for specialty and solution driven materials in each of the manufacturing industries we serve.