Kodak Rigilon Molding Plates - MXII/TFPP

Kodak Rigilon Molding Plates are ideal for embossing applications requiring deep reliefs and fine details. They can be used to replace traditional zinc or magnesium molds in the production of rubber stamps and plates, as well as the heavy metal dies used in embossing applications. These environmentally-friendly molding plates are water-soluble and create sharp and clear images and work just like metal embossing dies and molds, but at significantly less cost and with a quicker turnaround time.

  • Excellent for fast turnaround jobs - can be processed in less than 40 minutes
  • Exceptional heat resistance for molding, embossing and pad printing applications
  • Simple, clean plate processing – with reduced downtime spent cleaning the processor
  • High quality, consistent results between plates and throughout the run
  • Help to minimise dot gain, resulting in finer detail and outstanding image reproduction
  • Excellent durability with a hardness equivalent to metal plates
  • Lower cost than metal plates
  • Environmentally-friendly, water-soluble processing