Kodak Miraclon Digital Plates

Miraclon Digital Plates deliver outstanding productivity and quality, driving efficiency in prepress and on press. These plates are easy to use, and can be imaged, dried and processed in under 30 minutes. Available in a variety of sizes to fit a range of print cylinders, Miraclon Digital Letterpress Plates enable fast registration and deliver exceptionally long press life.

  • Eliminate film, improve productivity and save time
  • Reduce equipment and maintenance costs
  • Outstanding printing results with solid ink coverage and excellent image reproduction
  • Easy to use for fast results
  • Water-soluble plates rinse out with tap water, reducing your chemical footprint and the cost and handling associated with plate processing chemistry
  • Available in variety of sizes and thicknesses

  DF-D 94B DS-D 83 Plate
Total thickness 0.94mm 0.83mm
Relief Depth 0.69mm 0.57mm
Hardness (Shore D) 60° 60°
Base Polyester film Steel
Image reproduction 200 lpi, 1-98% 200 lpi, 1-98%
Minimum isolated dot 60µm 60µm
Minimum isolated line 50µm 50µm
Sizes 297 x 420 mm
420 x 594 mm
594 x 841 mm
635 x 762 mm
635 x 815 mm
790 x 1020 mm
135 x 286 mm
155 x 248 mm
156 x 305 mm
594 x 841mm 
635 x 815 mm

Application Rotary label Dry offset