3D Laser Foambox Scanner

The 3D Laser Foambox Scanner provides you with a simple but powerful scanning tool as the basis for the production of high quality orthotics. It combines the best quality with the benefits of being online, making it a unique system to capture data of foamboxes, casts, positive moulds, orthotics and other objects.

The foambox scanner scans objects in 10 seconds. After scanning, you can see the scan result directly on your computer screen and access it from any location as it's stored in the online Voxelcare system.

As the highest laser and camera technology in the industry is used, the output quality, the level of details and accuracy is very high. The scanner creates a full 3D image that will give you the best basis in the designing of your orthotics from the Voxelcare online CAD program.

The foambox scanner is compact and lightweight making it possible to be used as a mobile device and or in combination with your own computer.

The foambox scanner is very easy to use and can be controlled through your own computer or from a tablet as a standalone scanning device with its embedded computer!

Mason Grogan Medical are the distributors of Voxelcare 3D Laser Foambox Scanners in Australia and New Zealand.